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Evolve: The Evolution of Cannabis-Derived Products and Delivery Systems

Transdermal THC & CBD | Transdermal Cannabis

Evolve Formulas offer the award-winning NanoSerum™, a faster acting, deeper penetrating transdermal formula that ensures you receive the full benefits of cannabis in your pursuit of relief and enhanced well-being. Evolve products utilize the patented clinically proven NanoSphere Delivery System™ in order to achieve superior results, faster and more safely. Experience the difference for yourself, in just minutes!

Topical THC & CBD

Greater Bioavailability

Our groundbreaking NanoSphere Delivery System™ nano-sizes cannabis to readily and effectively cross mucosal barriers into the bloodstream and cells.

Transdermal Cannabis

Clinically Proven

Evolve’s ongoing clinically testing protocols confirms the efficacy and bioavailability of all our products.

Pain & Anxiety Relief

Proven Nanoparticle Delivery System

Evolve has a patented nanoparticle delivery system proven to be absorbed across the mucosa into the body…for results you can feel!




“The safer, healthier ways to experience cannabis products and explore the personal benefits.”


Note: FDA regulations prohibit any medical claims being made for THC and CBD containing products that have not been approved as drugs for the treatment of specific conditions. In accord, Evolve does not have FDA approval at this time and we make no claims as to the benefits of our products for any medical condition.

That understood, those who have used products containing THC and/or CBD and have found them to be useful, can be confident that our Evolve Formulas will produce similar or better results at lower doses, and more safely, due to our advanced delivery system technology.

If you have not used THC and/or CBD containing products and are interested in learning if these natural, bioactive ingredients may help you to feel and function better, you can be confident that our products are a safe, low dose option for discovering what benefits cannabis-derived products may hold for you.